What’s Your Why: Empathy to Amplify Voices


In Reese’s What’s Your Why, she explores her journey as a Design Researcher and the many important skills and techniques she has gained, reflecting on how the role emphasizes the effectiveness and importance of human-centric design. 

Written by Reese Halfyard, Design Researcher, Bachelor of Information  

Reflections on the Return to In-Person Work

Written by Delphine Ji (Design Research Team Lead), Austin Go, Ting Bai, Izzy Friesen, and Hong Shu (Design Researchers)

Over the course of the summer, one team at the Innovation Hub has been dedicated to ensuring that returning to work in person is a positive experience. The team hosts team-building activities during our Friday workshop meetings and has been gathering feedback from team members. To grow and improve the Innovation Hub, a key focus is identifying aspects that are working well, and what to improve. With this term, the Innovation Hub has moved back into in-person work, and a few team members took a moment to reflect on their experiences. 

Finding Inspiration in Research

Rion smiling in front of a Christmas tree outdoors

Written by Rion Levy, Design Research Team Lead: University College

Prior to coming to the Innovation Hub, my design research experience was sporadic. I have a few years of informal, self-led design research experience under my belt, but most of my formal training has been tied to the Academy. I’ve worked as a part of a team, as a team lead, and independently in the humanities, social sciences, and in design research.