Welcome to the Innovation Hub!

Situated within the Division of Student Life, the Innovation Hub is a student-led initiative that collaborates with partners in the UofT community to support the development of innovative strategies for improving the student experience.  Our five domains of innovation give scope to this work. We help our partners (i.e. internal divisions, departments, and student organizations) design with rather than for students by deepening their understanding of student needs through empathy-based research.

Why Innovation? Innovation Hub logo featuring a lightbulb made of a crumpled note, with colourful arrows doodled around it.

We use design thinking and ethnographic methods to conduct research by students with students on their experiences at UofT. These insights, which we share with our partners through reports, storytelling, and interactive presentations, are the building blocks for creating social innovations— human-centred solutions to challenging, often systemic social problems.

Why Hub?

Our team consists of social innovators from across the university—students, staff, faculty & alumni who are invested in making UofT a better place for all students. We bring together community members who might normally not interact with each other to collaborate on the common goal of improving student life, while drawing from their diverse skill sets and backgrounds. See some examples of our work here!

Get Involved

The Innovation Hub is always looking for members of the UofT community to collaborate with. We offer a range of opportunities with varying levels of involvement:

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