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Current Projects

Our current projects

We work with partners at UofT to improve campus life for their students. For each project, we collect student narratives through interviews and activities, and we turn that data into insights and recommendations. Our current work includes:


Food Insecurity on Campus

How accessible is healthy, nutritious food for UofT students? How does food security—if and where it exists—affect students’ lives? What prevents students from making healthy food choices, and how might we respond to the financial, time, and other pressures that prevent healthy eating? We are speaking with students to understand their food experiences in relationship to other factors in their university lives.                                   

Engaging International Students

Twenty percent of UofT students are international. How can the university best support this large group, and how do their needs differ from those of domestic students? We are working with the Centre for International Experience to examine existing supports and develop new programs and spaces.                                   

 Redefining Traditional: Making Higher Education More Family-Friendly

Redefining Traditional: Making Higher Education Family FriendlyBuilding on past work with the Family Care Office, we expanded our family-friendly collaboration to include several other UofT offices. By interviewing both staff and student parents, we identified the pain points for each groupWe turned these insights into design principles and recommendations, which have contributed to the design of a virtual community for student parents – including a Facebook Group and an accessible website with resources, research, and more!

Stories from a Distance: Being Together While Apart

Speech bubble with three coloured dots.Stories from a Distance: Being Together While Apart is a virtual space that encourages students and alumni to find community through conversation. Members can expect to be welcomed into a virtual space (over Zoom sessions) created by and for students looking to invest in meaningful connections within their campus community over the Summer.

Supporting Students with Disabilities on Campus

Thirteen percent of Canadians aged 15–24 have a mental, physical, or developmental disability. To make campus more accessible for such students, UofT provides many resources, including sign-language interpreters, note-taking services, and testing accommodations. How well do these programs work for students, and how can we improve them? 

Transforming the Instructional Landscape

Image of Myhal 150 at the University of TorontoBranching off our classroom-redesign work with Transforming the Instructional Landscape, we partnered again with Academic + Campus Events, this time to review the redesign process. We spoke to staff and faculty across departments and disciplines to understand how all stakeholders feel about the different stages of redesign, and identified areas where the process can be made more welcoming and collaborative.