The Innovation Hub

Current Projects

Our current projects

We work with partners at UofT to improve campus life for their students. For each project, we collect student narratives through interviews and activities, and we turn that data into insights and recommendations. Our current work includes:

Academic Integrity

Magnifying glass looking at justice scale on pedestalThe sudden transition to online learning across all degree types during a global pandemic has placed increased pressure on students to complete their work with integrity. In order to explore the best ways to communicate information about cheating to students, the Innovation Hub will create a dialogue with students to gain their perspectives on academic integrity.                                  

Existing Data: Understanding Student Experiences

small circles connected to a central circle with a book in the centerThe existing data team will be deep-diving into the Innovation Hub’s archive of 600+ interviews that have been collected over the past 4 years. They will be exploring the database with an eye to formulating novel questions and insights about the university and student experience and we are excited to see what they can find.

Redefining Traditional

tree with multicoloured triangles as leavesThis year, Redefining Traditional is continuing their virtual community for student parents to provide accessible resources and opportunities to connect and engage through a Facebook Group and an accessible website. Insights that were designed through partnerships has helped to inspire and innovate this space where student parents can work together and consider how we can redefine traditional in higher education. 

Robarts Library 

sidetable holding various food items next to a small couch holding a laptop and stack of booksWhether it’s studying, relaxing, or chatting with friends, students spend a lot of time in campus libraries. By delivering a series of student and staff feedback sessions, the Innovation Hub aims to find out more about how students use and experience library spacesThese insights will then be used during the design process of new library spaces in order to ensure student needs are met. 

SGS – Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision

Two grad students discussing ideasThe School of Graduate Studies (SGS) promotes excellence in graduate education at UofT and ensures that high standards for excellence and integrity are maintained.  SGS and the Innovation Hub will work together in identifying graduate student and postdoctoral fellows’ needs when it comes to receiving “ready access to high-quality supports that enhance the quality of mentorship and supervision and assist individuals experiencing challenges” in a large, research-intensive university.

Stories from a Distance: Being Together While Apart

Speech bubble with three coloured dots.Stories from a Distance: Being Together While Apart is a virtual space that encourages students and alumni to find community through conversation. Members can expect to be welcomed into a virtual space (over Zoom sessions) created by and for students looking to invest in meaningful connections within their campus community over the Summer.

Transforming the Instructional Landscape

laptop connecting to classroom chalkboardThis year, as part of this longer term project, our team will be engaging with stakeholders and UofT community members to think deeply about the transition to remote learning and the multifaceted challenges related to course quality & access and equity in the virtual learning spacesIn collaboration, we will continue the analyze the many needs of individuals in learning spaces, especially in this shift to the “new normal” of online learning environments.