Future Dining at Chestnut

The Innovation Hub has partnered with Food Services at Chestnut Residence to consult directly with students about their dining hall experiences. Through this project, the Innovation Hub will facilitate opportunities for dialogue with the student Residence community to build an ongoing partnership for future change. 

Our Findings

We found that the staff and students at Chestnut are committed to improvement and wish for their needs to be respected. There is great potential for a mutually beneficial relationship between both parties.

Our vision for the project is that the future of dining at Chestnut Residence is built on reciprocity between students and staff.

Our findings play out in five themes:

  • The Power of Choice
  • The Capacity to Act
  • Security Enables Respect
  • Making Memories Together
  • Everyone Belongs

From our co-creation events, we learned that students are keen to help make the dining hall space inclusive to the needs of all students and to reflect the diversity that already exists in the student body.

Fostering the relationship can give both staff and students a greater sense of belonging at Chestnut, where both parties feel acknowledged and respected by each other. Learn more by accessing our report, which is linked below.

Chestnut Dining Theme Visual of a table with plates