At the Innovation Hub, we support meaningful student employment.


For us, student employment matters. By using a consultancy model to run our projects, we create a space that mirrors real-world agencies in a positive, supportive way. Joining our team means building community, ideating in a collaborative setting and developing skills for success. Over the past few years, we’ve seen countless students grow within and beyond their role at the iHub. Here’s what some of our current and past team members have to say about their experience:

“I learned navigating change. that came in multiple forms; change in teammates, change in pace, and even change in mindset when it comes to designing.”

– Tehseen Sarwar, Digital Storyteller, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Architectural Stuides and Environmental Studies

“Being a UofT student is more than just academics and classes, and Innovation Hub has provided me the opportunity to grow my professional skills and explore my career options.” 

– Yannie Mork, UTQAP Team Coordinator, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Sociology & Ethics, Society, and Law 

“Working at the Innovation Hub has strengthened my leadership and interpersonal skills.” 

– Eli Rose, Design Research Team Lead, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Political Science 

“Learning how to work in a team for a variety of projects has been made possible by an environment that fosters connection and collaboration. This is also where I have developed my most employable skills.” 

– Ruth Rodrigues, Qualitative Data Archivist Team Lead, Master of Education, Social Justice Education 

“Being a member of the Innovation Hub encouraged me to find connections between my academics and my work. I learned transferrable skills that helped me better identify what I am most passionate about.” 

– Katrina Soong, Qualitative Data Archivist, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, English, and History 


The core of the Innovation Hub experience is student-driven, meaning we prioritize cultivating an environment where students can support other students and gain hands-on experience by tackling real wicked problems affecting their peers today. In this supportive space, we live out our anti-oppression, accessibility and inclusion commitments and support the voices of students from equity-deserving communities.


The peer-to-peer approach we use in our research is built into the way we work. As a student working with students, you have a valuable chance to connect, create, and collaborate with like-minded peers.

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We work to solve issues that matter to students. Since our partners come to us with projects that call for innovative, out-of-the-box solutions, working at the iHub provides a chance to break from traditional research methodology.


Roles at the Innovation Hub are fully hands-on. Your voice is integral to providing insights, guiding projects, and realizing improvements to student life.

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At the Innovation Hub, there’s no shortage of paths to follow. We offer a variety of Work Study roles, Leadership positions, and Volunteer experiences.



Elevate your design thinking skills while on campus through our various Work Study roles.



Challenging yet rewarding part-time and full-time opportunities for growth and career development.



Join our cross-functional and cross-disciplinary team of passionate people through volunteering.