Vision & Values

Our Vision

Four students walking together and smilingAt the Innovation Hub, we believe that creating change in a vast institution like UofT begins with understanding and foregrounding the needs of all students, not just those seen as exceptional or successful. We envision UofT as a place where each and every student experiences a sense of community and connectedness, enjoys both academic and personal success, and feels well-prepared for the future.


Three students making a structure out of paper tubesUsing design thinking and other collaborative and community-based methodologies, the Innovation Hub generates data that goes beyond traditional focus groups, surveys and advisory boards to gain deeper insights into student stories. This student-led and student-centred approach allows us to design with students rather than for them, resulting in increased student engagement in a co-creative process.

Our Values

As an organization, we are committed to:

  • Listening to our students and to seeking out their voices when we plan, program, and make decisions
  • Ensuring equity, diversity, & inclusivity in our programming for students, in our internal work processes, and in our external relationships
  • Creating learning and working experiences for students and staff that are built upon a vision of social justice and social change
  • Taking an evidence-based approach to our work that makes effective use of available internal data and local and international research
  • Working in ways that are transparent to all our stakeholders both inside and outside the University of Toronto
  • Leveraging technology to expand student programming and increase operational efficiency
  • Organizational learning and creating a healthy community culture & climate for our work


What is an Innovation Hub?

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