Innovation Hub Vision
We envision the University of Toronto as a place where all students experience a sense of community and connectedness, enjoy both academic and personal success and feel well-prepared for their futures.  

The Innovation Hub is students, staff, and faculty working together to ensure that each student’s experience is seamless from initial contact to graduation and beyond.

Core Questions
The Innovation Hub launched in May 2016 and evolved to address two questions:

  • Who are our students?  
  • How is the world changing for our students?

The Innovation Hub is listening to the voices of students to understand their complex needs in order to re-think and re-imagine their experience at U of T.

Our Method
The Innovation Hub incorporates innovation into all aspects of project design and process. We began by creating an interdisciplinary team that includes students, staff and faculty working in partnership.  Building on existing data generated from assessment and research initiatives (e.g, focus groups, surveys, etc.) we chose to use a design-thinking methodology to generate new insights and keep students’ diverse perspectives at the centre of the process. The domain teams engaged in a series of interviews, conversations and observations designed to understand life through students’ eyes.  These insights inspired the development of project ideas designed to meet student needs.

Domains for Innovation

In order to “do different differently,” the Innovation Hub, with the support of the Division of Student Life is co-led by students across five domains. Supporting these domain teams are operational teams in communications and IT, events and administration, operations and design, and organizational learning.  

Innovation Hub Values

We are committed to:

  • listening to our students and to seeking out their voices when we plan, program, and make decisions
  • ensuring equity, diversity, & inclusivity in our programming for students, in our internal work processes and in our external relationships
  • creating learning and working experiences for students and staff that are built upon a vision of social justice and social change
  • taking an evidence-based approach to our work that makes effective use of available internal data and local and international research
  • working in ways that are transparent to all our stakeholders both inside and outside the University of Toronto
  • leveraging technology to expand student programming and increase operational efficiency
  • organizational learning and creating a healthy community culture & climate for our work


More Information

For more information about the Innovation Hub, contact Julia Smeed, Innovation Project Officer at julia.smeed@utoronto.ca or visit our blog: uoft.me/innovationhub