Meaningful Student Consultation

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Student voices are fundamental in improving campus services. Currently, students consult on advisory groups like the UofT Governing Council, the Council of Student Services, and department-level councils. Yet room remains to seek more breadth and depth in student voices. We are evaluating current consultation models and working with students to understand what meaningful consultation might look like. 

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Access for Every Student

All students have equitable access to programs, services, resources, and spaces.


We learned that a well-planned student consultation process empowers engagement and co-creation between students and decision-makers. Students want to participate as active participants throughout the consultation process, providing feedback but also engaging in an ongoing conversation. A well-planned process provides the scaffolding to frame a conversation that incorporates students as informed and knowledgeable co-creators throughout the process. Our main themes include:  

  1. Bringing Voices Together 
  2. Building the Conversation 
  3. Creating and Showing Value 

We also illustrate 'Phases of Meaningful Consultation' to support individuals to engage in meaningful student consultation processes. Additional insights are also provided in the report.

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Research Team

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