Stories Through Research Wrap-Up: Meaningful Student Consultation

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In the fourth instalment of Stories Through Research, our team discussed the many elements of meaningful student consultation and this might be realized in areas at UofT. Through interviews with staff and students, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of consultation from a variety of perspectives and experiences to ensure consultation is equitable to all involved. 

What We Learned: 

We learned that a well-planned student consultation process empowers engagement and co-creation between students and decision-makers. Students want to participate as active participants throughout the consultation process, providing feedback but also engaging in an ongoing conversation. A well-planned process provides the scaffolding to frame a conversation that incorporates students as informed and knowledgeable co-creators throughout the process. This is highlighted through our themes of: 

  • Bringing Voices Together 
  • Building the Conversation  
  • Creating and Showing Value  
A canvas with artistic supplies, representing the themes of student consultation

Through these themes and further insights we can think about how to bring diverse and intersectional voices into consultation processes, build meaningful conversations, and ensure that the work within consultation can be communicated to the UofT community in effective ways. This can be put in action through the phases of meaningful consultation our team has designed, which is available in our online report, to provide next steps and processes to support those in consultation. We also ask open ended questions to help inspire individuals from a variety of contexts, and to ensure that these steps can be impactful in your space.  

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