Redesigning the Classroom Experience: How Tech2U is Supporting both Students and Instructors

Innovation Hub Transforming the Instructional Landscape TIL Team

One Innovation Hub team shares their experience working with Tech2U, a program that provides direct technical support to instructors in their classroom. The team reflects on how they feel Tech2U is a program that supports both students and instructors and enhances the learning experience at the University of Toronto.  

Written by Tiffany Tan, Chenyu Huang, Cindy Ly, Jackie Betel (Design Researcher); Anchana Kuganesan, Design Research Team Lead

Project Insights: Academic Integrity “It’s Okay to Ask for Help” Video Campaign

The “It’s Okay to Ask for Help” Video builds upon the Learning with Integrity Campaign and educate students on topics of academic integrity. The Academic Integrity team reflects on what they learned from the project and hopes to inspire others to reach out and ask for help. 

We’re Hiring Digital Communications Coordinator!

Digital Communications Coordinator Banner

Are you interested in communication, collaboration, leadership, and project management? Are you wishing to create change and improve the campus student experience at U of T? The Innovation Hub is hiring Digital Communications Coordinator. We are seeking innovative, insightful, determined leader to join our team!

Empowering Growth and Building Community through Team Takeovers at the Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub Community Animation Team, Delphine, Rayna, Alan, Jenny, Anunita smiling with their hands in the shape of a heart

Community Animators, Alan and Anunita share the value of team takeovers in fostering a positive, empowering, and inclusive environment at the Innovation Hub and explain how these events fostered personal growth, skill development and team building. 

Written by Delphine Ji, Design Research Team Lead, Alan Sivabalan, Community Animator, Anunita Wazir, Community Animator

Working at the Innovation Hub Fall-Winter 2023-24

Working at the Innovation Hub Banner

Are you curious about what we do at the Innovation Hub? Are you interested in working during the Fall-Winter 2023 Work Study term? 

On July 31, 2023 from 12pm-1pm we’ll be hosting a special event via Zoom, sharing all about the Innovation Hub: who we are, what we do, and why we do it!