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Are you curious about what we do at the Innovation Hub? Are you thinking of applying to any of our roles for the Fall Winter 2021-22 Work Study term, or know of someone who might want to apply?

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On August 11th from 1-2pm EST (via Zoom), join us at ‘Working at the Innovation Hub’, a virtual event where we share what we do and why. Learn more about Design Thinking, our projects, and insights from our team! We will also share the variety of opportunities available for the Fall Winter Work Study Term, and what elements are important to consider in the application process.

Community Event: Crushing Impostor Phenomenon in Graduate School

We would like to share this wonderful community event with our graduate student communities at UofT! ‘Crushing Impostor Phenomenon in Science’ is an initiative aimed towards minimizing patterns of Imposter Phenomenon, through a set of seminars and workshops for graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. If you are interested, or know of individuals who would be interested in joining this community, continue reading!

Do you experience feelings of isolation and imposter phenomenon in graduate school? If you’re unsure, you can take this test to find out: Most graduate students do, but not many talk about it. 

We are inviting you to join the conversation by – “Crushing Imposter Phenomenon in Science”!

Commuting and COVID-19: Moving Into The Future

Written by Carla Alexander, Content Writer Icons illustrated by Vlada Gorchkova, Digital Storyteller University of Toronto is considered by many to be a “commuter university” — a school where many individuals commute, as opposed to living on campus. According to Student Move TO,…

Revisiting the Domains of Innovation

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Written by Carla Alexander, Content Writer

So much has changed within the past year — not only within the world, or the university, but within the Innovation Hub as well. As the Innovation Hub progressed throughout the pandemic, our projects have highlighted new and continuing issues students navigate, such as flourishing in online classrooms or maintaining connectiveness online. With this context in mind it’s important to begin thinking about the tools that guide, frame, and inspire our work, including the most important one of all: the Domains of Innovation.  

Cyberbullying and Mental Health: CAMH is looking for participants!

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health | CAMH
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At the Innovation Hub, we see and experience how incredibly important student mental health is in our communities. In this community repost, we would like to highlight an important study by one of our community partners, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and how you or a peer could participate in an important study this summer!

Mental Health Research Opportunity – Detection and Intervention of Cyberbullying on Social Media

Are you a social media user? Do you have thoughts and concerns about cyberbullying? Are you looking to get involved?

We are doing a study to better understand the needs and preferences of youth (ages 16-21) around cyberbullying on social media platforms. Our team is looking to engage with youth who are interested in collaborating with researchers to generate insights that will aid in the development of a digital tool to help prevent cyberbullying.