Multi Faith Centre

We worked with the Multi-Faith Centre (MFC) to understand students’ needs for spiritual support, across diverse religious identities and groups. Based on direct observations and group and individual interviews, we developed a model for how spirituality supports students, and how MFC can support students’ spirituality. 


To better understand how their services are currently being used by students and identify opportunities for improvement, the Multi-Faith Centre partnered with the Innovation Hub in 2018-2019 to answer the following questions: What are students thinking and saying about the MFC? How can the MFC meet the spiritual needs of all students in their search for meaning, purpose, and identity in everyday life?

A number of conclusions were drawn from students’ experiences with the Centre and with their own experiences of making meaning and practicing spirituality–namely, that students are able to make meaning through participation in multiple, intersecting spheres of life. These spheres inform the key themes discussed in this report:

  1. Community and Belonging
  2. Finding Purpose and Understanding
  3. Pursuing Positive Emotional Experiences
  4. Barriers to Engagement

Each theme is divided into insights, which form the basis for design principles that should be considered when designing future programs, services, and spaces at the MFC.

A venn diagram of 3 circles intersecting, with each overlapping piece representing a theme

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