Spotlight: The Multi-Faith Centre Research Team

By Joey Youssef (Team Lead) & the Multi-Faith Centre Research Team

Photo of Joey

In this blog post series, we introduce you to each of the Innovation Hub’s research teams this year, as well as provide some project details. To learn more about the research questions, see here. Below, you will find a brief statement from the Multi-Faith Centre’s research team, regarding why they decided to join the I-Hub and this particular project.

Multi-Faith Centre
Multi-Faith Centre (photo from MFC’s Facebook page)

Tess: I joined the team because of the concept of design thinking and the in-depth involvement with qualitative research; these are both something I have not experienced in a group setting–in addition to interviewing, transcribing, and interpreting. The entire project is immersive, empowering, and enriching. I chose the MFC because of my previous involvement with many of its programming where I have forged meaningful friendships, connections, and the overall quality of student life that I have enjoyed. Since meaning is the goal of the research for MFC, I feel it would be amazing to explore how information technology users for the most part relate to the concept of ‘meaning.’

Effie: I was looking to find extracurricular activities and found the Innovation Hub. I noticed it employs design thinking, and I decided this approach is of interest to me.

Matthew: I read content that explores the idea of individual creativity. This encouraged me to think and learn outside-the-box. I am excited to do this with other people, focusing on a design thinking project. I selected the MFC, because the focus is about finding meaning. To me, religion and spirituality help inform who we are and how we build our identity.

Xinyi: I found the Innovation Hub when looking for extracurricular activities. From the website, I learned that it helps empower students by improving their experience on campus.

Minh: The Innovation Hub impacts the University of Toronto student community, so I was drawn to join this great opportunity.

Joseph: The Innovation Hub was an attractive opportunity for me, so I can put my anthropological training into practice.

As a team, we all look forward to unpacking people’s opinions about ‘meaning-making’, and how students make sense of their faith. Religion is a sensitive topic, and the Multi-Faith Centre  will give us the opportunity to learn from others!

Learn more about the Multi-Faith Centre by following this link:

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