Project Insights: Campus Hub for the Faculty of Arts & Science – Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment

Early plans are underway to redevelop Sidney Smith Hall as an iconic building at the University of Toronto. The Design Research Team reflects on the design thinking process, highlighting the importance of collaborative approaches to understanding the core needs of U of T community members.

Emily Ha-Tchong, Martha Khoshabeh, Aleksandra Adach, and Gauri Sachin Patki, Design Researchers, and Yunlong (Justin) Feng, Design Research Team Lead

Lending an Ear for Empathy

Lisa smiling against a grey wall.

Listening can seem like a passive action, but there’s so much more to hearing someone’s story. Lisa explores how empathetic listening has the power to transform tough situations into safe spaces that foster creativity.

Written by Lisa Yuwen Hu, Design Research Team Lead, Honours Bachelor of Science, Psychology Research Specialist 

Project Insights: Supporting Our Mental Health

This year, the Innovation Hub partnered with Health & Wellness to focus on how students take care of their mental health. The Design Research Team discovered the importance of working together to conduct inspiring work that was grounded in the experiences that students shared.