Community Repost: Four Thrifty Tips for Managing Your Family Budget as a Postsecondary Student Parent

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By J. Sparks – Redefining Traditional Project Team Member

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As the start of another academic year approaches, tuition, books and material fees begin to mount and money management becomes top of mind for many postsecondary students, especially for those with family responsibilities.  When I enrolled in graduate school as parent, not only did becoming a student effect our household schedule and routines, it also impacted our family budget.  If you are presently facing the task of doing it all and paying for it all too, below are a few financial tricks and tips that I have found helpful during my postsecondary journey with kids.   

The Innovation Hub Is Hiring For The Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Study Term!

This Fall-Winter term, we have a wide scope of exciting projects and opportunities available to students at the University of Toronto! These positions are available through the Work Study Program, which runs from September 2021 to February 2022. We’re excited to continue empowering students, grow existing partnerships, and build relationships…

The Importance of Fostering Connectedness

Written by Carla Alexander, Content Writer Fostering connectedness with one’s peers is an important part of the student experience. That connectedness can take many forms — taking part in clubs, participating in sports, and building friendships with one’s fellow students. But what happens when life forces us indoors? Or life…

Innovation & Compassion: The Importance of Design Thinking

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Written by Carla Alexander, Content Writer

Students often face complex challenges. When it comes to topics like mental health, success in the classroom, food insecurity, we may stop ourselves and think: how can these issues ever truly be understood? After all, many universities have been in business for centuries, and these issues are still as prevalent amongst their students as they were decades ago. However, there is a way to approach these ‘wicked’ problems, no matter how difficult they may seem: design thinking. 

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Design thinking forms the foundation of our work at the Innovation Hub. Our methodology involves a “human-centred” approach to student issues — but what does that mean, exactly? What is design thinking, and how can it be used to solve the hard-hitting issues that students face?