New Beginnings with a New Summer Team at the Innovation Hub!

Headshot of smiling young woman with shoulder-length blonde hair in black shirtBy: Michelle Johnstone, Knowledge Management Team, first year Masters of Information student.

Last Wednesday, the Innovation Hub Summer Student Team met for the first time. It was the first (truly) nice day of spring, and we got right down to business and took each other on a “reverse campus tour,” in which each of us showed our new team members a spot on campus that was meaningful to us.

Innovation Hub Ideas Workshop 2017

The Innovation Hub is pleased to announce that we are hosting an Ideas Workshop on June 5th and 9th for students, faculty and staff to:

  • Take our prototype ideas and explore how they might come to life at U of T, what challenges we might encounter, how we might measure impact and what practical next steps need to be taken to move these ideas forward.
  • Help us start to think about prospective project teams for each of these ideas.

We invite students, faculty and staff from the U of T community to join us as we expand our thinking about these ideas in a fun and collaborative setting.  Each participant will choose one of the ideas (listed below) to workshop.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Headshot of smiling woman with blonde hair in red topBy Heather Kelly, Senior Director at Student Success in the Division of Student Life at University of Toronto (St.George)

As the first year of the Innovation Hub wraps up, I have the opportunity to reflect on what worked and what we’ve learned along the way.  

The Innovation Hub was inspired by a conference “Leading Innovation and Change in Student Affairs”, that David Newman and I attended in 2015. We were energized by the AVP from Seattle University, Michele Murray, who spoke about the need to bring together a more diverse crew of creative minds from across campus and put them to work on improving the student experience.