Join us at ‘Working at the Innovation Hub’!

Are you curious about what we do at the Innovation Hub? Are you thinking of applying to any of our roles for the Summer 2021 Work Study term, or know of someone who might want to apply?


On April 14th from 12-1pm EST (via Zoom), join us in a special event where we share what we do at the Innovation Hub and why. We will also share the variety of opportunities available for the Summer 2021 Work Study Term, and what elements are important to consider in the application process.

Delving into the Digital Campus: Let’s Talk About it – the Pandemic Hasn’t Been Easy

By Mona Adibmoradi, Design Researcher    This blog post is part of Delving into the Digital Campus, a four-part series in collaboration with the Digital Community & Connectedness Project, aimed at understanding how students find and make connections in digital spaces. Each post is…

In Community: the Importance of Reflection & Meaningful Work

By Betelehem Gulilat – Lead Editor & Writer

Betelehem outside smiling at the camera

ZOOMlockdown and asynchronous. These are some of many words that come to mind for this academic year. It’s also been a year of many firsts. Many more students have been attending classes remotely, campuses have transformed, and the Class of 2020 has celebrated their graduation virtually in their homes within their bubbles.

The uncertainty unearthed many concerns for the future both near and far. Whether its deciding where to study or spend time with friends, or travelling amongst a sea of students, losses have been felt all around. For others, the pandemic might have also felt like an unexpected gift to reflect on what’s important. Perhaps it’s been a mix of everything, too! We have seen these realities in our work, both through research projects and in our own teams. Reflection on what we have accomplished this last year not only helped us learn from our experiences, but it also reaffirmed why holding space for meaningful work is so important.