The Brain Science of Storytelling: Finding the Connection Between Storytelling and Academics   

Ava standing in front of trees and flowers.

At the Innovation Hub, we use storytelling as part of our design thinking approach to create meaningful, impactful messages. Ava reflects on the brain science of storytelling through its connection to her undergraduate studies in Cognitive Science and Psychology.  

Written by Ava Hawkins, Blog Editor & Digital Content Writer, Honours Bachelor of Science, Cognitive Science & Psychology  

Nothing For Us, Without Us Film Reflection: The Importance of Equity-Driven Advocacy  

Lois smiling outdoors.

As part of an ongoing dialogue about anti-Black racism in Canada, the School of Cities at U of T premiered a documentary about how Canadian city planning harms Black communities. Lois, Cheryl and Paul attended the film screening and reflected on the importance of shared responsibility in advocacy and equitable consultation—things that are important to the work at the Innovation Hub.  

Written by Lois Lee, Blog Editor & Digital Content Writer, Master of Information, User Experience Design and Archives & Records Management  

Team Reflections: Perspective Shifts and Community Impact Through Partnerships with Arts & Science University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process 

Team coordinators smiling and sitting together

The Innovation Hub continued its partnership with the Arts & Science University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP) this year by conducting design research-based student consultations for academic programs. The Arts & Science UTQAP Design Research Team reflects on the research journey recognizing the importance of finding meaning and achieving personal growth, through understanding student academic community and stories.

Written by the Innovation Hub A&S University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process Design Research Team