Latin American Student Experience

We worked with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies to understand the Latinx student experience. For many students, university is a time to explore cultural identities, and we found that students’ perceived cultural connections varied. Many students wanted more cultural visibility and saw room for more cultural competence on campus. We recommended actions to improve Latinx students’ campus experiences.


We used methods of diving deep into experiences, and allowing our understanding of students to inspire design, rather than jumping to solutions. By doing this, we move beyond the what questions to the underlying whys and hows. Thus, we reach insights that might otherwise be obscured by designers’ own assumptions.

Through these methods insights were further organized under four key themes:

  • What It Means to Be Me
  • Connected Through Culture
  • Is Anybody Here for Me
  • Money Matters

These themes structure the following sections of the report, in which we present the results of our analysis of interviews and additional data.

Graphic of the themes discussed in the report, involves and "X" shape that is interconnected, with each section including a theme

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