Campus Hub for the Faculty of Arts & Science (Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment)

Early plans are underway to redevelop Sidney Smith as an iconic building and significant new open space that integrate accessibility, sustainability, and inclusivity. As part of this project, the Innovation Hub will organize a series of community ideation sessions to explore the student experience with Sidney Smith Hall and how the students and staff members envision this future Arts & Science landmark. Our research findings will be used as a resource during the design process for this redevelopment.

Our Findings

We found that each student, staff, and faculty member wants to find a home in a large university system. Each individual appreciates being part of a multidisciplinary and lively community at the Faculty of Arts & Science but also wants their unique identity recognized. Students, staff, and faculty referenced Sidney Smith Hall’s potential to be more accessible to welcome and celebrate the entire community.

Our vision for the project is that Sidney Smith is the embodied identity of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Our findings play out in four themes:

  • A Place Where I Call Home
  • A Place Where I Am Free
  • A Place Where I Can Learn & Create
  • A Place Where I Belong

The Sidney Smith redevelopment will need to accommodate the evolving needs of the growing community to meet the needs of present and future students, staff, and faculty in the building. Building a space that acknowledges the diverse needs of its community will allow all students, staff, and faculty to find their home in a large university. Learn more by accessing our report, which is linked below.

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