Campus Hub for the Faculty of Arts & Science (Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment)

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Early plans are underway to redevelop Sidney Smith as an iconic building and significant new open space that integrate accessibility, sustainability, and inclusivity. As part of this project, the Innovation Hub will organize a series of community ideation sessions to explore the student experience with Sidney Smith Hall and how the students and staff members envision this future Arts & Science landmark. Our research findings will be used as a resource during the design process for this redevelopment.

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Whole Student Development

Students receive the support they need for their holistic well-being (physical, psychological, social, and emotional).

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Access for Every Student

All students have equitable access to programs, services, resources, and spaces.

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Fostering Connectedness

Students experience a sense of belonging and connection within the UofT community.

Research Team

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Justin Feng

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Shankeri Vijayakumar

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Gauri Patki

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Ola Adach

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Emily Tchong

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Martha Khoshabeh

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Faith Dong

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Iris Shao

Design & Communications Team

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Paul Kaita

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Anushka Saini

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Leyla Memiguven