Classroom Accommodations & Accessibility Co-Design

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In partnership with Accessibility Services (St. George), the Classroom Accommodations & Accessibility Co-Design project builds on our previous project exploring student and instructor needs in navigating the classroom accommodations process which aimed at enhancing universal design of learning at the University. As part of this project, the Innovation Hub will develop and facilitate a series of design thinking sessions, sharing back our research findings and the Province of Ontario’s Postsecondary Education Standards for Accessibility initial recommendations with the community, and brainstorming ways of bringing these to life at the University. 

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Access for Every Student

All students have equitable access to programs, services, resources, and spaces.

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Integrated Learning Experience

Students engage fully in learning experiences both within and outside of the classroom.

Research Team

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This project began in Summer 2021. Click the button below, or scroll down to learn more. 

Summer 2021: What are student and instructor experiences of navigating accomodations?

Students are increasingly seeking Accessibility Services in order to be supported in their learning needs and accommodations with courseworkPart of this process of seeking support is arranged between instructors and students, which can be complex given the diversity of students and instructors' needs. Through consultation and in partnership with Accessibility Services, we sought to better understand of the experiences of the accommodation process between instructors and students. The findings were shared to enhance the universal design of learning at the University. 

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Research Team

Sabrina standing outside with the ocean in the background, wearing a colourful scarf

Sabrina Wu

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