New College Dining Hall

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We supported New College and Food Services redesign the Audrey Taylor Dining Hall by interviewing students and staff to determine how they currently use the space and how they would like to use it. Based on these interviews, we suggested design improvements to create a multi-use community space for eating and socializing. 

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Access for Every Student

All students have equitable access to programs, services, resources, and spaces.

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Fostering Connectedness

Students experience a sense of belonging and connection within the UofT community.

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Future-Ready Students

Students have opportunities to develop their skills and build their confidence beyond academics.

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Integrated Learning Experience

Students engage fully in learning experiences both within and outside of the classroom.

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Whole Student Development

Students receive the support they need for their holistic well-being (physical, psychological, social, and emotional).


Together, we worked to answer the following question "How might the New College Dining Hall be redesigned to offer an innovative and multi-use community eating and social space for students and staff?” The Innovation Hub aimed to discover how students are using existing facilities and what they would like to see in the redesigned space - while also identifying features that would make the space more functional, comfortable and welcoming to students. We developed recommendations for how the space can attract and meet the needs of U of T’s diverse student body and what sort of meal plan would best suit the students and staff who utilize the New College Dining Hall Services. Key themes that emerged from our work included: 

  • Comfort
  • Community
  • Communication

We also developed a design checklist to provide actionable steps for communities to design spaces that meet student needs.

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Research Team

Allen, Josh

Joshua Allen

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Ozlem Bektas

Alexandra Malinowski
Design Research Team Lead

Alexandra M.

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Sanjana Patel

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Matthew Wilkie