What makes a fulfilling undergraduate experience?

By Margaryta Ignatenko, Innovation Hub Training Team

As a third-year undergraduate student at UTSC I think at the core to a fulfilling undergraduate experience is connecting to a community on campus, applying my disciplinary knowledge to work that is rewarding, and discovering my untapped passions and interests. But what surrounds this core looks different for each of us and evolves as we do throughout our time in university; we need to be able to carve out unique experiences to meet our diverse needs in a flexible environment that adapts and changes with its students.

What does the future undergraduate experience look like?   Will UofT be a place that fosters distinct and fulfilling experiences for each student, while creating a deep sense of unity?

ACE Furniture EventIt is likely that a homogeneous one-size-fits-all experience won’t be the most fulfilling, and there is no better expert than students themselves to help explore and inform possibilities for what the experience could look like. We are key stakeholders, essential to the thinking process to re-imagine UofT’s undergraduate experience. As the world changes, so do our expectations and goals. We expect the university to be able to adapt to those changes, but in order for it to do so, we need to be vocal and willing to participate in order to experience change that reflects our visions.

As a student who’s worked with the Innovation Hub for a number of years, I’ve had the privilege of being trusted with unique and diverse student stories. I’ve observed that there can sometimes be a disconnect between the understanding of student needs and the reality of someone’s lived experience.

As students, we are experts in our experiences, and it’s vital that we are part of the planning and action process.  This is why I’m grateful that UofT’s Expert Panel on Undergraduate Student Educational Experience (USEE) is taking time to consult with students from UofT’s three campuses about their experiences to inform this work.

In the coming months, the Innovation Hub, in partnership with the Provost’s Expert Panel on the USEE, will provide a space for students to offer feedback about its draft vision for the undergraduate student experience at the University of Toronto. Students are invited to a series of tri-campus events to share their experiences, expectations, and perceptions of undergraduate experience through engaging activities centered around the draft vision.

Feedback collected during these events will be used to inform revisions to the vision as well as its operational implementation.

St. George Campus: Feb 28th, 12:30pm-2:30pm

Mississauga Campus: March 4th, 11am-1pm

Scarborough Capus: March 8th, 12pm-2pm

Participating students will be provided with $10 in TBUCKS after each event as a thank you for participating.

Register for the event today here.

I hope to see you there!