What makes a fulfilling undergraduate experience?

By Margaryta Ignatenko, Innovation Hub Training Team

As a third-year undergraduate student at UTSC I think at the core to a fulfilling undergraduate experience is connecting to a community on campus, applying my disciplinary knowledge to work that is rewarding, and discovering my untapped passions and interests. But what surrounds this core looks different for each of us and evolves as we do throughout our time in university; we need to be able to carve out unique experiences to meet our diverse needs in a flexible environment that adapts and changes with its students.

What does the future undergraduate experience look like?   Will UofT be a place that fosters distinct and fulfilling experiences for each student, while creating a deep sense of unity? Continue reading “What makes a fulfilling undergraduate experience?”

What Makes a Classroom Great? Join us and share your thoughts!

Photo of JuliaBy Julia Smeed, Innovation Projects Officer

The Transforming the Instructional Landscape team is pleased to invite students, staff and faculty to participate in our upcoming What Makes a Classroom Great? event.  Join us to explore different learning environments, imagine classroom possibilities and play with classroom furniture options.  Come and tell us what you think and we’ll have free pizza as our way of thanking you for your participation. Continue reading “What Makes a Classroom Great? Join us and share your thoughts!”

Happening This Week: What Makes a Classroom Great?

By Suzie Kim, Communications Team

Photo of Suzie

Join us this week to shape your future classroom! As part of Academic and Campus Event’s Transforming the Instructional Landscape project, the Innovation Hub is bringing the design process into the U of T community.  Join us in the Bahen Atrium and Med-Sci Lobby so we can ask you: what makes a classroom great?  Continue reading “Happening This Week: What Makes a Classroom Great?”

Innovation Hub Insights & Ideas

Headshot of smiling woman with short red hair in dark grey topBy Julia Smeed, Innovation Hub Project Lead

The Innovation Hub has engaged in over one hundred honest conversations with U of T students. From these conversations we have gained a number of insights that can help us to design innovative programs, services and resources to better support students.  Twenty five ideas were also imagined by the students and staff in the Innovation Hub.  We have prepared a comprehensive report of our findings which can be obtained by contacting us. Continue reading “Innovation Hub Insights & Ideas”

November Innovation Hours – Calling all Students!

The Innovation Hub is looking to create positive change at U of T in five areas: access for every student, fostering connectedness, future-ready students, integrated learning experiences and whole student development.  Join us for the November Innovation Hours and share your experiences!  Connect with other UofT students, staff and faculty in a  safe and collaborative space for open and honest communication.  It’s time to make your voice heard, ask and answer questions and provide feedback that will directly impact UofT.

When it’s happening: Thursday November 10th from 10-11am or Tuesday November 15th from 9-10am

Where it’s happening: Cumberland House, 33 St. George St.  Main floor

What’s happening: We’ll tell you a little more about the Innovation Hub project and ask some questions in small groups designed to help better understand your experience as a U of T student

Where can I learn more or ask questions: visit the Innovation Hub blog at uoft.me/innovationhub or contact julia.smeed@utoronto.ca

Meet the Innovation Hub Team!

Headshot of smiling woman with red hair in grey topBy Julia Smeed, Innovation Hub Project Lead

A year ago I would have never imagined that I’d be taking on the Innovation Hub project.  I feel that leading the Innovation Hub is the best job at U of T!  I love to see how people from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of life experiences can come together to create change.  To me, the spirit of innovation is really in the collaboration and creativity of talented people coming together and each contributing in a unique way.  We are living in an age where technology and ideas are moving faster than we can and it is so hard to keep up with the innovation and disruption that exists all around us.  Yet one thing that technology can never replace is that creative spark that happens when like minded people come together with a common purpose. Continue reading “Meet the Innovation Hub Team!”

Innovation & Entrepreneurship – A Place to Start

Headshot of smiling woman with red hair and glasses in blue and white striped top

By Carey Toane, UofT’s Entrepreneurship Librarian & Innovation Hub Ambassador

I hear a lot about innovation in my work. As entrepreneurship librarian at U of T, I work with startups on campus, whether they are taking a course, or enrolled in one of nine campus linked accelerators, or commercializing their graduate research, or working away in stealth mode in their dorms. These students are highly motivated, taking on the “drinking from a firehose” experience of starting a company on top of regular studies and other responsibilities. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear about their ideas and help them find information to support their pitch decks. Continue reading “Innovation & Entrepreneurship – A Place to Start”

October Innovation Hours

Over the next two weeks we’re calling on students, faculty, staff and U of T community members to join us in creating a map of the U of T ecosystem as it relates to our five domains of innovation.  We need your help!

The Innovation Hour is a great opportunity to come together with like-minded students, staff, faculty and community members who wish to create a more seamless student experience at University of Toronto.

October Innovation Hours will be hosted in the Baldwin Room, main floor of the Cumberland House (33 St. George St.)  Mark your calendar for the upcoming Innovation Hours:

  • Tuesday October 18th from 9:00am – 10:00am
  • Thursday October 27th from 10:00am – 11:00am


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