Researchers Reflect: Failure as the Root of Innovation

This blog post is part of Researchers Reflect, a new series where we embark on the journey of a design researcher at the Innovation Hub. Each post will spotlight a different design researcher’s experience, stories, and learning moments throughout the course of their research.

Written by Sanskriti Maheshwari, Senior Research Assistant for Transforming the Instructional Landscape

Sanksriti is wearing a blue shirt, standing outside

When the University moved its operations online during Summer 2020, I took a chance and applied for a work-study position with the Innovation Hub. When my application was accepted, I was extremely excited. Like many students, I was trying to stay connected to life at the university, and my position with the Stories from a Distance Team gave me just that opportunity.

Meet the Team 2021-22 Innovation Hub Team!

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Betelehem Gulilat, Content Writer

As we enter a brand-new term, the Innovation Hub is excited to welcome our Fall/Winter 2021-22 Team! Each year our team is expanding along with our growing number of partnerships and are pleased to continue designing with and for students at the University of Toronto. In support of our expansion, we are grateful to be transitioning to a new workspace on campus where we plan to follow a hybrid work model to provide flexibility & space for innovation.  

Meet the Summer 2021 Team

Summer 2021 Team Operations Team Julia Allworth – Manager, Innovation Projects Julia is a leader, innovator and “intrapreneur” who specializes in design thinking, collaboration and related methodologies that strive to design programs with students rather than for them. As the Leader of the Innovation Hub…

The Innovation Hub Is Hiring For The Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Study Term!

This Fall-Winter term, we have a wide scope of exciting projects and opportunities available to students at the University of Toronto! These positions are available through the Work Study Program, which runs from September 2021 to February 2022. We’re excited to continue empowering students, grow existing partnerships, and build relationships…


We work with partners at U of T to improve campus life for their students. For each project, we collect student narratives through interviews and activities, and we turn that data into insights and recommendations. Current Projects Past Projects Additional…

All about the TIL Operations Working Group

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Written by Georgia Maxwell – Senior Research Assistant for Transforming the Instructional Landscape

Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL) is an ongoing project at the University of Toronto that examines how learning environments can be improved for both instructors and students. TIL employs design thinking to help build better learning environments with students rather than for students. A wide range of professionals from across UofT are also involved in the project’s exciting and innovative work. 

A New Vision for TIL

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Georgia is outside, smiling towards the camera and wearing. a dark blue shirt.

Written by Georgia Maxwell (Senior Research Assistant) and Kaitlyn Corlett (Senior Project Assistant)

Since it was established in 2017, the Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL) project has renovated an impressive 93 classrooms to date. While classroom renovation and technology enhancement continue to be important TIL initiatives, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the integration of digital technology into teaching and pushed us to reimagine what learning spaces can look like.  

Meet the Summer 2021 Team!

Julia Allworth smiling at the camera, wearing a striped shirt
Julia Allworth – Manager, Innovation Projects

The Innovation Hub is thrilled to introduce our Summer 2021 team, who will be using their knowledge, talents, passion and creativity to improve the lives of UofT’s students! Our multidisciplinary team will continue our work over the summer on improving student life through various partnerships and community collaborations.

The Innovation Hub is Hiring for the Summer 2021 Work Study Term!

Julia Allworth – Manager
Innovation Projects

We’re excited to share some of the wonderful opportunities that are available for students at the Innovation Hub through the Work Study Program for Summer 2021! All of our work will continue to be virtual as we navigate new and continuing projects with our partners at UofT. We look forward to connecting with students, exploring new possibilities through our work, and inspiring innovation in community.

The deadline to apply to positions is Sunday, April 25th by 11:59pm. job postings are now live on CLNx.

Continue readings for job descriptions, to learn what working at the Innovation Hub means to our students, and more! To learn more about the positions and materials for applying please visit the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network and search for the work study job board.