Meet the Team 2021-22 Innovation Hub Team!

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Betelehem Gulilat, Content Writer

As we enter a brand-new term, the Innovation Hub is excited to welcome our Fall/Winter 2021-22 Team! Each year our team is expanding along with our growing number of partnerships and are pleased to continue designing with and for students at the University of Toronto. In support of our expansion, we are grateful to be transitioning to a new workspace on campus where we plan to follow a hybrid work model to provide flexibility & space for innovation.  

Our multidisciplinary team embodies the diverse student community that exists at UofT including undergraduate to graduate-level students with backgrounds in user experience design, anthropology, engineering, biology, sociology, education, and much more. Outside of their degrees, they are a group of lifelong learners, creative thinkers, and change-makers that all share a passion for creating positive social change on UofT campuses. To fulfill our vision of creating an equitable and inclusive campus space for all students, we will continue incorporating our team’s diverse perspectives and identities to understand the needs of students through human-centered design.

Current Projects for the Fall 2021-22 Term  

This year we are working on new and ongoing design research projects, and are excited to delve right in! Our current design research projects for the 2021-22 term include:

  • Classroom Accommodations & Accessibility Co-Design
  • Campus Safety Services Response in Student Mental Health Crises 
  • Engaging International Students
  • Redefining Traditional 
  • Student Experience in Accessing Enrolment Services (Client Services) Inquiries
  • Stepped Care 2.0: Mental Health Care Delivery on Campus
  • Student Experiences at the Faculty of Dentistry
  • Trans & Nonbinary Student Experiences 
  • Transforming the Instructional Landscape 
  • University of Toronto Quality Assurance Program (UTQAP) 

If you would like to learn more about these & previous projects, you can visit our projects page here!

If you are interested in making positive social change on UofT campuses, you can also view any opportunities to join our feedback sessions under the “Get Involved” page on our website. We welcome all UofT students to share their experiences and ideas with us! 

We’ve already hit the ground running on our projects and are looking forward to sharing insights with you in the future. Stay tuned for our weekly blog posts to view our project insights and future opportunities!

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