The Innovation Hub is Hiring for the Summer 2022 Work Study Term!

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In continuing our work with rather than for students, we’re sharing some amazing opportunities available this Summer 2022 at the Innovation Hub! We look forward to connecting with students, exploring new possibilities, and inspiring innovation in the community.

The deadline to apply to positions is Sunday, April 24th at 11:59pm. Job postings are now live on CLNx.

To learn what working at the Innovation Hub means to our students, read our job descriptions below! For more details on how to apply, please visit the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network and search for the Work-Study Job Board.

General Information

Apply to only one position – applicants will be considered for all available Innovation Hub positions

  • Start-End Date of Positions: May 13th – August 15th, 2022
  • Average of 9-12 hours/week to a total of 100 hours
  • Pay is $15/hour

Available Positions

To learn more about any of the positions below – please search the CLNx Job ID provided for each in the Work-Study job board.

Qualitative Data Archivist – CLNx Job ID: 197503 [1 position]

The Qualitative Data Archivist oversees data entry and qualitative coding for all Innovation Hub projects. Working with teams of Design Researchers who are embedded within individual design research projects, they support the transcription, de-identification, and anonymization of data coding in a qualitative research software program and assist in the data analysis process. They also support the management of the existing Innovation Hub database, ensuring that new data is coded appropriately and making existing data available to team members on request.  

Digital Storyteller – CLNx Job ID: 197505 [4 positions]

The Innovation Hub Digital Storyteller creates all of the digital communications content for the Innovation Hub. This includes graphic design and video for the website, reports, presentations and other materials. Working as a team, each Digital Storyteller may have different strengths or areas of expertise in content design. Digital Storytellers work as a team under the direction of the Digital Communications Team Lead. Digital Storytellers bring to life content produced within project teams with visual imagery, models, and infographics. This role involves creating professional reports and presentations of design research data, blog posts, website content, and more. The role may also entail special projects, such as website design and development, or developing creative materials outside of the scope of design research projects. We also welcome applicants with a background in photography and videography.

Digital Content Writer – CLNx Job ID: 197507 [1 position]

The Innovation Hub Digital Content Writer generates written and digital content for the Innovation Hub’s blog, website, and promotional materials. This is a highly strategic role that involves planning for the Innovation Hub’s digital content, ensuring that content is engaging and conveyed to our communities in an accessible manner. The Digital Content Writer plans and develops blog posts, website content, and additional items such as promotions for events and additional materials as needed. To learn more about the Digital Content Writer’s work, check out our blog.

Writer – CLNx Job ID: 197514 [1 position]

The Innovation Hub Writer oversees all of the written content produced for the Innovation Hub’s design research projects. They also draft and edit other written content such as proposals, conference submissions, and other reports as required. This role involves planning for the Innovation Hub’s written content to ensure all research articulated within projects is consistent, clear, and accessible. The writer oversees writing content produced within project teams such as recruitment materials, reports, research materials, presentations and final deliverables to stakeholders. The writer also works with the Manager and Research Lead to plan and draft other Innovation Hub reports.

Redefining Traditional Project Lead – CLNx Job ID: 197515 [1 position]

The Redefining Traditional Project Team Lead works on the Redefining Traditional: Making Higher Education Family –Friendly project. In this role, the successful candidate will continue to develop an online community designed to bring together student-parents, partners, researchers, administrators, and policy makers. The project lead is responsible for writing content for the Redefining Traditional blog and building connections with student-parents at U of T and beyond. They also oversee and build the social media to increase community engagement in the Facebook group. Student parents and/or those actively engaged in student parent communities are encouraged to apply. To learn more visit our Redefining Traditional page.

Community Animation Team Lead – CLNx Job ID: 197519 [1 position]

The Community Animation Team Lead manages and coordinates a dynamic, creative, passionate team of students who ‘bring life’ to The Innovation Hub makerspace at 230 College Street. The Community Animation team supports the creation of vibrant, inclusive, and equitable spaces for all students at the Innovation Hub. They welcome and engage visitors to our space and in what we do, share about the Innovation Hub’s design thinking approach, and design and facilitate new and creative ways to engage with students inside and outside the space.

Design Researcher

Various Opportunities – See Below

Design Researcher – General – CLNx Job ID: 197523 [4 positions]

The Design Researcher works with a team that conducts a design thinking project for the Innovation Hub with the goal of improving the student experience in a specific area. Every project looks different but uses design thinking to provide partners with compelling insights that reframe problems innovatively and inspire action. For more information about our projects and previous design research work, visit our projects & reports page on our website!

Design Researcher – Existing Data – CLNx Job ID: 197526 [4 positions]

The existing data researchers will explore a topic using the Innovation Hub archive of over 700 interviews and ethnographic pieces of qualitative data. There may be opportunities to supplement the archival data with some more data collection where necessary using empathy-based, ethnographic interviews. Or some examples of Innovation Hub existing data projects, see our Celebrating International Student Project or Food Insecurity on Campus Project

Design Researcher – Transforming the Instructional Landscape – CLNx Job ID: 197528 [4 positions]

The Transforming the Instructional Landscape is a project that recognizes that in a physical or virtual classroom, many players come together: instructors and students, but also staff working in instructional technology, accessibility, scheduling, and support. Incorporating the needs of all these stakeholders is complex, but working together can transform spaces to better support teaching and learning. The project team will work in partnership with others at the university to carry on the work of this important project, including supporting the Tech2U pilot program.

Design Researcher – Robarts Library – 5th Floor Space Redesign – CLNx Job ID: 197533 [3 positions]

The Robarts Library 5th floor space, housing the Map and Data Library and other collections, is slated for redevelopment, transforming it into a new space for innovative digital scholarship. The Innovation Hub is partnered with the U of T Libraries to gain a better understanding of student, staff and faculty needs for the space as a destination and for digital scholarship. The Innovation Hub will consult with students, staff and faculty to gather story-based feedback about how they use the library 5th floor, how they experience space, and what they need in the new space.

Design Researcher – University College Space Redesign – CLNx Job ID: 197534 [3 positions]

University College (UC) is planning the revitalization of several of its key spaces, including UC Union, H-Wing, and Whitney Hall Residence. The Innovation Hub is partnered with UC to gain a better understanding of community needs for these spaces, especially as they tie to the foundational College values of equity, diversity, inclusion, as well as sustainability and its unique character. As part of this project, the Innovation Hub will support the engagement of students to gather story-based feedback on their experiences of UC spaces in order to transform and elevate the College as a leader at the University.

Design Researcher – A&S Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment – CLNx Job ID: 197556 [4 positions]

The Faculty of Arts and Science (A&S) is planning the Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment, creating a new hub for the largest division at the University and a transformative space for innovative learning, teaching, and research. The Innovation Hub partnered with A&S to engage students in ideating what they see as an A&S-specific space and its identity. As part of this project, the Innovation Hub will support consultation with students, generating excitement and collecting feedback on their experiences and needs of this A&S space. This exciting project will contribute to the transformation of the cityscape on St. George and Huron Streets and Willcocks Common and have long-lasting impact on the student experience.

Design Researcher – Central Projects – CLNx Job ID: 197555 [4 positions]

The Design Researcher works with a team that conducts a design thinking project for the Innovation Hub with the ultimate goal of improving the student experience in a specific area. Every project looks different but uses design thinking to provide partners with compelling insights that reframe problems innovatively and inspire action.

Design Researcher – Food Services – CLNx Job ID: 197559 [3 positions]

The Innovation Hub has partnered with Food Services at Chestnut Residence to consult directly with students about their dining hall experiences. Through this project, the Innovation Hub will facilitate opportunities for dialogue with the student residence community to build an ongoing partnership for future change.

Tech2U Student Classroom Ambassador – CLNx Job ID: 197560 [40 positions]

The Tech2U Student Classroom Ambassador is part of a dynamic team comprised of students and technical co-pilots, who are supported by a leadership team, to service U of T instructors throughout the academic term. Student Classroom Ambassadors receive on-the-job training by highly skilled Technical Co-pilots, and mentored by the leadership team, to provide them with a positive and rewarding work-integrated learning experience. Deadline to apply is May 1st, 2022.

Check out our Working at the Innovation Hub Event Summer 2022 and hear from our Leadership Team about our available opportunities.

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