Meet the Summer 2022 Team!

As we begin to barrel into a new and exciting term, the Innovation Hub is thrilled to welcome our Summer 2022 Team! Filled with some new, and some familiar faces, the Innovation Hub has continued to expand our team to work on new and ongoing projects at the University of Toronto. We are grateful to support the diverse and thriving community at U of T, and continue our own growth at the Innovation Hub. 

As the University of Toronto continues to evolve and change, our multidisciplinary team is here to support that growth, and bring in new and inspiring opinions, perspectives, and thoughts. Our team spans from undergraduate to graduate students with expertise in user experience design, architecture, information studies, and much more. As members and students of the U of T community, we are excited to make a positive change and fulfill our vision of a campus space that is welcoming and accessible to all students! 

Current Projects for the Summer 2022 Term

This summer we are working on some new and ongoing design research projects that we’re excited about! Our current projects for the Summer 2022 term include: 

  • Future Dining at Chestnut 
  • Digital Scholarship at Robarts 
  • Campus Hub for the Faculty of Arts & Science (Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment)
  • University College Spaces: Redefining the Student Experience
  • Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL) 

If you’re interested in getting involved at the Innovation Hub, check out our Get Involved page!  

We are excited to share our ideas and insights, so check back for our weekly blog posts for more information and future opportunities! 

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