Innovation Hub Work Study Summer 2024 Hiring

We’re incredibly excited to kick-start the Summer 2024 Work Study season at the Innovation Hub! We are happy to announce that we have some amazing opportunities available to students for this upcoming summer. The deadline to apply for positions is Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 11:59PM.

To learn what working at the Innovation Hub means to our students, read our job descriptions below! To apply to Innovation Hub, please visit and apply via Microsoft Form.

General Information 

Apply to only one position – applicants will be considered for all available Innovation Hub positions 

  • Start-End Date of Positions: May 10, 2024 – August 16, 2024
  • Average of 6-8 hours/week to a total of 100 hours 
  • Pay is $16.55/hour

Available Positions

Design Research

The Design Researcher works with a team that conducts a design thinking project for the Innovation Hub with the goal of improving the student experience in a specific area. Every project looks different but uses design thinking to provide partners with compelling insights that reframe problems innovatively and inspire action. 

Design Researcher – Engagement & Belonging: Students with Disabilities

A person surrounded by several connecting planets varying in size.  

Accessibility Services at U of T seeks to gain an understanding about factors that enable students with disabilities to fully engage in campus life and identify where gaps exist. The project aims to understand students’ needs to identify tangible ideas and champion access and inclusion for students with disabilities. The findings of the project will inform Accessibility Services programming and services and broader U of T community to support the better design of all aspects of campus life for students with disabilities. 

Design Researcher – Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access at the School of Environment

Five people in different colors hugging with interlocked arms.

The School of the Environment at U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science seeks to understand how equity, diversity, inclusion, and access (EDIA) is embedded in the curriculum, programming, communications, hiring, events, meetings, building, design, and culture. The project aims to gain a meaningful understanding of student perspectives and tangible ideas of steps to take to better champion EDIA so that student experiences are enhanced, addressing barriers to EDIA from a student point of view – including undergraduate students; students in the collaborative specialization program; graduate students; domestic and international students; commuter students; and students from equity-deserving populations.  The findings of the project will inform the School of the Environment to make design decisions that will enable the school to become a leader in EDIA at U of T and beyond. 

Design Researcher – Front Line Patient Care at Health & Wellness

Envelope with heart inside encircled by a ring.

Health & Wellness (H&W) at U of T seeks to improve student experiences with the front-line reception team. Whether a first encounter as a new patient or a repeat encounter as a returning patient, the team at H&W seeks to create consistent client experiences across all channels to ensure a cohesive brand experience. The project aims to look at all possible interaction points with the front-line reception team across various communication formats at various points in time. The findings of the project will inform programming and service delivery and to create opportunities for omnichannel marketing in the future. 

Community Engagement Designer & Event Facilitator

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The Community Engagement Designer & Event Facilitator team is the heart of the Innovation Hub, working to create community across our large and multidisciplinary team of student staff. The team consists of a dynamic, creative, and passionate group of students who “bring life” to the Innovation Hub. The team helps create vibrant, inclusive, and equitable spaces for all students.  The Community Engagement portion of this role involves planning fun social events for our team and the broader U of T student community. The team is also responsible for regularly developing professional skill-building activities for team members to enhance their learning during their time at the Innovation Hub. The Event Facilitator aspect of this role involves working on short-term feedback projects for partners in the U of T community with an immediate goal of improving student experiences in a specific area. These projects involve collecting empathy-based feedback from students and quickly translating the feedback into insightful reports for our partners. 

Qualitative Data Archivist

An open book with a magnifier on the top

The Qualitative Data Archivist team supports Design Researchers on all design thinking projects by facilitating data analysis and ensuring qualitative data is processed and stored appropriately. The team is also responsible for maintaining the Innovation Hub’s large database on the qualitative research software (Dedoose). Tasks for this role include transcription, de-identification, and anonymization of data. The team also uses Dedoose to conduct qualitative coding, applying appropriate research codes and tags to the stored data. To assist the design research teams in the data analysis process, the team analyzes and manages existing data in the Innovation Hub database using archival coding. Working with existing data is an important aspect of this role. 


Graphic Designer (Digital Storytelling Team)

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Digital Storytellers bring to life content produced within project teams with visual imagery, models and infographics. This role involves creating professional reports and presentations of design research data, blog posts, website content, and more. The role may also entail special projects, such as website design and development, or developing creative materials outside of the scope of design research projects. We also welcome applicants with a background in photography and videography. 

UI/UX Web Designer (Digital Storytelling Team)

A lightbulb displayed on a monitor

The Innovation Hub Innovation Hub UI/UX Web Designer creates prototypes, visual designs, and written content for the Innovation Hub. Working with the Digital Storytelling team, the Web Designer may have different strengths or areas of expertise in content design. Web Designers are part of the Digital Storytelling team under the direction of the Digital Communications Coordinator. 

The UI/UX Web Designer role involves creating Figma mock-ups, wireframes, storyboards prototypes, and user flows, writing website content, and designing original iconography and illustrations to bring the website to life. This role may also entail special projects such as creating highly visual professional reports and presentations of design research data, blog posts, and more. We also welcome applicants with a background in photography and videography. 

Videographer & Editor (Digital Storytelling Team)

Laptop with camera and play button on screen

The Innovation Hub is seeking to create video content that highlights our work through a student-centric and focused perspective. The Videographer & Editor creates, executes, films, and edits videography projects at the Innovation Hub. The work includes designing storyboards, filming and editing content, creating animations, and more. Videographer & Editor works with the Communications Team under the direction of the Digital Communications Coordinator. 

Photographer (Digital Storytelling Team)


The Innovation Hub Photographer documents the events, initiatives, and activities at the Innovation Hub through photography and videography. This includes taking photos of events, headshots of Innovation Hub team members, team photos, capturing campus life through the eyes of the Innovation Hub, and maintaining the Innovation Hub photo repository. 

The Photographer brings the Innovation Hub’s work to life within the U of T community. The Photographer may undertake special photography projects such as photo essays, photo shoots, videography, and more. The role also involves developing creative materials to support design research projects. 

Blog Editor & Content Writer (Digital Storytelling Team)

A person connected to different colored and sized circles

The Innovation Hub is looking for a Blog Editor & Content Writer to lead our blog with a strong editorial vision. The successful candidate will lead a team of volunteer writers to create written content that engages and inspires the Innovation Hub’s blog audience of students, staff, faculty, and alumni stakeholders in the U of T community. The role combines technical writing and editing skills with the ability to work closely with volunteer writers and coach them through feedback. The Blog Editor & Content Writer keeps the blog on schedule with weekly posts covering design thinking and empathy-related topics using plain language and an engaging tone. Students with a passion for storytelling, knowledge translation, and community building will be particularly interested in this role. To learn more about the Innovation Hub’s work and the content associated with the position, check out our blog: 

Learn More About Our Work

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