Innovation Hub Launch – May 16th, 2016

We launched the Innovation Hub on May 16th at Chestnut.  This was a great day where we over 260 students, staff and faculty gathered to explore the mindset of innovation and discuss how we can bring innovation to the student experience at University of Toronto.  our AVP of Student Life, Lucy Fromowitz, reminded us that our role is to “hold the door open” for students.  She shared about the incredible innovation that is already happening across the University and encouraged us to explore ways to deepen our collaborations to explore how “when we work together the sum is much greater than the individual parts”.

David Newman and Heather Kelly, our Senior Directors of Student Experience and Student Success spoke about the purpose of the Innovation Hub, a need to explore the complex modern-day challenges facing our students and our institution in a new way.  They encouraged us to become curious and explore how we can use innovation to deepen and accelerate collaboration to better understand our students and prepare them for the changing world.  This theme was further explored by our keynote speaker, Futurist Sanjay Khana, who explained how Innovation Hubs are a timely response to massive change.

In the afternoon we explored an incredible data compilation Who are U of T Students and used this data to drive conversations and brainstorms around the question “What do students need in order to live successful lives?”  There were great conversations that took place and an incredible amount of data collected that was later used to inform the process to build our Domains for Innovation.

You can read more about the Innovation Hub Launch and see some great photos by searching #UofTInnovate on Twitter!

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