Day of Learning – June 16, 2016

On June 16th we continued our learning with a focus on learning how innovative methodologies from a wide variety of industries might be applied to the student experience at U of T.  Speakers included many of our own faculty/staff from some of the most innovative areas of U of T and colleagues from the community who are doing some great work in this space.  You can check out our Google Drive folder for more details about the Day of Learning and a collection of some of the presentations.  We wrapped up the day with a very human-centred debrief time on the Cumberland House Lawn.

Throughout the day, we collected some blue sky ideas for students – here’s some highlights to inspire you:

  • Take time to rediscover our passions for work
  • Have designated napping/resting quiet rooms for tired students
  • Fewer surveys, more talking to students
  • Open Doors U of T
  • Breakfast parties
  • To have a space where therapy animals are for students to go and decrease stress
  • We have a culture of Mentorship
  • Five sense of transitions and five domains of innovation
  • Every U of T student participates in an experiential, intercultural learning opportunity
  • Common reading program
  • Encourage creativity in everything
  • Financial needs of students being adequately met
  • Get involved. Coaches to help students find and navigate student experience
  • Every student will have a confidante
  • Walking workshops
  • Student experience mentors of all (see Erin Clifford)
  • FNH building
  • Equity training and education for every student and staff at U of T
  • More mindful moments
  • Spaces for epic naps
  • Call every student to welcome them before they arrive and say hello
  • Sunny day picnics

You can read more about the Day of Learning and see some great photos by searching #UofTInnovate on Twitter!

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