The Innovation Hub is Hiring for the Summer 2021 Work Study Term!

Julia Allworth – Manager
Innovation Projects

We’re excited to share some of the wonderful opportunities that are available for students at the Innovation Hub through the Work Study Program for Summer 2021! All of our work will continue to be virtual as we navigate new and continuing projects with our partners at UofT. We look forward to connecting with students, exploring new possibilities through our work, and inspiring innovation in community.

The deadline to apply to positions is Sunday, April 25th by 11:59pm. job postings are now live on CLNx.

Continue readings for job descriptions, to learn what working at the Innovation Hub means to our students, and more! To learn more about the positions and materials for applying please visit the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network and search for the work study job board.

General Information:

Apply to only one position – applicants will be considered for all available Innovation Hub positions

Available Positions:

To learn more about any of the positions below – please search the CLNx Job ID provided for each in the Work Study job board.

Innovation Hub Data Coding Lead – CLNx Job ID: 177263

The Data Coding Team Lead oversees data entry and qualitative coding for all Innovation Hub projects. Working with teams of Data Analysis Research Assistants who are embedded within individual design research projects, they support the transcription, de-identification, and anonymization of data coding in a qualitative research software program, and assisted in the data analysis process. They also support the management of the existing Innovation Hub database, ensuring that new data is coded appropriately and making existing data available to team members on request.   

Innovation Hub Digital Storyteller – CLNx Job ID: 177262

The Innovation Hub Digital Storyteller creates all of the digital communications content for the Innovation Hub. This includes graphic design and video for the website, reports, presentations and other materials.  

Working as a team, each Digital Storyteller may have different strengths or areas of expertise in content design. Digital Storytellers work as a team under the direction of the Communications Specialist. Digital Storytellers bring to life content produced within project teams with visual imagery, models and infographics. This role involves creating professional reports and presentations of design research data, blog posts, website content, and more. The role may also entail special projects, such as a website design and development, or developing creative materials outside of the scope of design research projects.  

Innovation Hub Content Writer – CLNx Job ID: 177261

The Innovation Hub Content Writer generates written and digital content for the Innovation Hub’s blog, website, and promotional materials. This is a highly strategic role that involves planning for the Innovation Hub’s digital content, ensuring that content is engaging and conveyed to our communities in an accessible manner. The Content Writer plans and develops blog posts, website content, and additional items such as promotions for events and additional materials as needed. 

Innovation Hub Writer & Editor – CLNx Job ID: 177260

The Innovation Hub Writer & Editor oversees all of the written content produced for the Innovation Hub’s design research projects. This is a highly strategic role that involves planning for the Innovation Hub’s written content to ensure all research articulated within projects is consistent, clear, and accessible. The writer oversees all writing content produced within project teams such as recruitment materials, reports, research materials, presentations and final deliverables to stakeholders. 

Innovation Hub Project Team: Redefining Traditional: Making Higher Education Family-Friendly – CLNx Job ID: 177259

The Innovation Hub Project Team works together on bringing an Innovation Hub initiative to life. Project team members may play many roles in supporting this project. From marketing with the intended audience, to designing and redesigning elements of the project or related to the project, there is a lot of room for collaboration and creativity in this role!

Specifically, the Redefining Traditional: Making Higher Education Family-Friendly initiative is a developing online community designed to bring together student parents and their partners, researchers as well as university administrators and policymakers for the purpose of support and advocacy. The team will work to build an animate this community over the summer months. To learn more visit  

Innovation Hub Design Research Assistants

Various Opportunities – See Below

The Design Research Assistant works with a team that conducts a design thinking project for the Innovation Hub with the ultimate goal of improving the student experience in a specific area. The team uses an ethnographic and empathy-based approach to oversee data collection and analysis, writes reports to present the insights uncovered in the data, makes recommendations, and prototypes potential solutions. For more information about our projects and previous design research work, visit our projects & reports page on our website!

  • Design Research Assistant: CLNx Job ID 177264
  • Design Research Assistant – Existing Data: CLNx Job ID 177266
  • The University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP) projects are supporting university departments in the student consultation for reviews of their academic programs. The teams will work in partnership with specific departments and support their student consultation. These departments are:
    • Computer Sciences: CLNx Job ID 177267
    • Germanic Languages and Literatures: CLNx Job ID 177372 
    • Human Biology: CLNx Job ID 177268
    • Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science and Technology: CLNx JobID 177270 
    • Linguistics: CLNx Job ID 177271
    • Math: CLNx Job ID 177272
  • Trans and Nonbinary Student Experiences Design Research Assistant: works with a team that conducts a design thinking project for the Innovation Hub with the ultimate goal of improving trans and nonbinary student experiences at UofT. We encourage students to apply for this position who will assist in expanding and diversifying LGBTQ+ student involvement at U of T. Qualified applicants who identify as trans, genderqueer and/ or nonbinary are particularly encouraged to apply.
    • CLNx Job ID 177265
  • Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL): recognizes that in a physical or virtual classroom, many players come together. The project team will work in partnership with others at the university to carry on the work of this important project, including through a pilot program to support instructors teaching remotely. Learn more at & our blog
    • CLNx Job ID 177273

These Summer opportunities will all be virtual, continuing our work with new and existing partners to support the UofT community and the student experience. We look forward to reviewing all applications, and appreciate the time and consideration applicants have put into their submissions! For any questions regarding these postings, please refer to the job postings on CLNx more detailed information.

The deadline for applying to positions is Sunday, April 25th 2021 at 11:59pm.  

Postings may be found by searching the provided job title(s) and/or CLNx number(s) at:

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