The Innovation Hub at Civic Tech Toronto

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By: Margaryta Ignatenko, Student Co-Leader, Communications and Events Team

On March 7th, Ali Rodney, Julia Smeed and Tamsyn Riddle presented the Hub’s key insights and design process to a room full of energetic, inspired and innovative folks who are part of Civic Tech Toronto.  Civic Tech Toronto hosts weekly “hacknights” which allow anyone with a project to collaborate and create with fellow community members. Participants worked on projects ranging from creating a WebCrawler to identify hate speech in Canada to creating a multimedia campaign that raises awareness of racial profiling and carding to a take down of fake news project (among others!)Civic Tech Toronto LogoJulia Smeed talking at podium Office spaceAli Rodney speaking at podium

There were a few UofT students and alumni in the audience. They seemed unsurprised by the fact that students have a hard time finding community, feeling cared for, prepared for the future and that UofT can be quite inaccessible at times. There was visible excitement that a project like the Innovation Hub is happening and many attendees enquired about our our findings and approach. A video of the presentation is going up on the Civic Tech Toronto website, you can find it here once it’s posted.

If you have a project you’d like collaboration on, or would like to offer your help and expertise – we’d encourage you to attend a Civic Tech Toronto hacknight!

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