Meet the Hub’s Student Leadership Team and Join our First Team Meeting

Headshot of smiling woman with light brown hairBy Margaryta Ignatenko, Operations Team Student Innovation Leader

Imagine a University of Toronto where every student’s experience is seamless from initial contact to graduation and beyond. A place where students feel a sense of community and connectedness, experience both academic and personal success and feel well equipped for their futures.

The Innovation Hub doesn’t see this as a distant reality – we are seeking to better understand the unique needs of U of T students through the use of student-centred design thinking. We value listening and empathising with our students, we seek out their voices whenever we plan, program and make decisions. We have carefully crafted a team which will collaborate with a diverse range of U of T students, community members and staff to explore the future of student experience at the University of Toronto. The team members’ different experiences, skill sets and educational backgrounds will provide a constant, authentic and diverse presence of student voices throughout the project.

Join In On Our First Team Meeting

The student leadership team recently had our first team meeting.  We introduced ourselves and discovered that while we are a diverse team, we also have much in common.  We did an icebreaker to find our points of connection and in this case everyone had owned a pet at one time or another (with apologies to Edwin’s brother who was counted as his “pet”).

The student leadership team includes:

  • Jacqueline Beaulieu (Integrated Learning Experiences co-lead) – a PhD student in the Higher Education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
  • Taylor Stinson (Whole Student Development co-lead) – a third year computer science specialist and former varsity athlete
  • Tamsyn Riddle (Access for Every Student co-lead) – a third year undergraduate studying Diaspora and Transnational Studies as well as Equity Studies and Political Science
  • Edwin White Chacon (Fostering Connectedness co-lead) – who studies Political Science, Ethics, Society & Law
  • Ling Lam (Future-Ready Students co-lead) – currently  pursuing a Master of Information at the Faculty of Information’s iSchool
  • Myself, Margaryta Ignatenko (Operations Team Innovation Leader) – a first year Journalism student.
  • Alexandra (Ali) Rodney (Operations Team Innovation Leader) – a senior PhD student in the Sociology department

Our Favourite UofT Spaces – Our Campus Tour

To get to know each other and to see our campus in a new way, we took one another on a tour of our most significant spaces on campus.  Take a look:


Upon returning from the tour, we discussed our goals for the year. We connected through our passion for making a positive contribution to the U of T community and our excitement for working with other students, staff and community members in order to do so. The team believes strongly in the importance of diversity, equity and accuracy within our work and we are prepared to work hard in order to ensure that there is a presence of each as the U of T community is complex and diverse and deserves to be represented.

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