Creating the Domains for Innovation

Headshot of smiling woman with red hair in grey topBy Julia Smeed, Innovation Hub Project Lead

Since the launch and the Day of Learning, our five Domains for Innovation have been evolving.  A team of over 30 Ambassadors continued this work which led to six versions of the domains for innovation.  We are so pleased to say that thanks to all of the input and feedback from the community, we have landed on the following five domains:

  • Integrated Learning Experiences
  • Whole Student Development
  • Access for Every Student
  • Fostering Connectedness
  • Future-Ready Students

The five domains represented in a colourful circle

You can read more about the full vision, values and domains for the Innovation Hub project on the About page.

We are currently recruiting five work study students to co-lead these domain teams and we are also accepting applications for interested students, faculty and staff who wish to get involved with the Innovation Hub.

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