Call for Participants: Robarts 5th Floor Design Charette

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Share your feedback and vision on the library space that fosters innovative digital data research and connections! Sign up to share. Receive a 10$ gift card as a thank you! 

Are you curious about a space for innovative Digital Scholarship? Are you interested in disciplines that involve intensive data and geographic analysis such as Digital Humanities, Public Health, Geography, Architecture and many others? Have you ever used digital tools like GIS, SPSS, or more? Have you visited the Map and Data Library.

University of Toronto Libraries is re-designing Robarts Library’s fifth floor into an innovative space for digital scholarship. 

Robarts Libary is seeking student feedback to learn about their experiences in the current space and what the future visioning could look like. U of T Libaries wants to know how you use and experience library spaces such as the Map and Data Library for digital scholarship in related disciplines like Digital Humanities, Public Health, Geography, Architecture, and more. Your feedback will be used to inform us of the transformation of this new innovative space on the fifth floor of the Robarts Library. 

Insight generated from the feedback will be used during the design process for the new library space at Robarts in order to ensure everyone’s needs are met. 

Should you have any questions, please reach out to:

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