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Welcome to Life at U of T and meet the new team for Life at U of T 2023-2024:

Find out more about our Life at U of T bloggers from previous years here:

Jessica (Team Captain)Anisha, AnnieBoluwatife, Britnei, RazzakSammi (2022-2023)

Peter (Team Captain), Cheryl, Andrea, Monica, Madison, Michelle, Sian, Serayah, Kieran, Joanna (2021-2022)

Peter (Team Captain), Grace, Cheryl (Summer 2021) Rachel T (Team Captain), Talia, GraceLaura, OwiAndreaOlive, PeterMemmaRachel DEmma, Ashwini, Cheryl (2020-2021) Grusha, Talia, Rachel T, Olive, Francesca, Risa, Leanna, Alyson, Rachel D, Malavika, Vivian  (2019-2020)

Ellora, Eman, Rachel, Sam, The Other Sam, Simrit, Zoë, Grusha, Diane , Joanna, Tanith, Tali  (2018-2019

 Abdullah, AlbertAlexAmanda, Andrea, AmieAnnetteApiAugustinaAzizaBenjaminBrettChad, CharlesCrystalCynthiaDanielle (2015-2016)

Danielle (2010-2011), Dara, Desirée, Elena, Ellora EmmaEmaanEmi, Emily, Erin, Fakeha, Fariya, Gloria, Greg, HaleyHawaHeatherIshita, Iris, JamesJanessaJasmineJasperJennifer, Jon

Julia, KatrinaKayLauraLesia, LianaLieslLinhLizLoriLouisaLucyMadelin,  MadelineMatteo, MaryMeimeiMelina, MichaelNancyNastasia, Natalia,Ondiek, PeterPhoebeRachaelRachel,Remy, Sarah (2012-2013)

Sarah (2014- 2015), SargamShakShannonShaqShawneeSinaSleshaSophiaStephen, Sydney, TaraTarynTiffanyVahiniVaniaVivianYusra Zach, and Zachariah

3 comments on “The Crew

  1. Hi
    My name is Syed Rizvi I m starting in September(Fall) 2014 in Computer Science. If any one with this course please do not hesitate to keep i touch and f any one has books or any thing of this program please do email me

    1. Hi Syed, welcome to U of T! The rest of the Crew and I are so excited to meet all incoming first years. You can learn about us at the links above or in the Start @ U of T book:

      If you’d like to connect with future classmates, you might want to check out social media – you can follow us at @lifeatuoft and check out the hashtag #startUofT for info on all things orientation. There’s also a number of unofficial facebook groups (not connected to the university) where you can meet your peers in your program or at your college – just search for “U of T class of 2018” and you should find them.

      In terms of books, I’d suggest waiting until your first week of classes to buy any textbooks – sometimes you’ll show up to a class and find out that you don’t actually need all of the “required” books. When you are looking for books, though, check out – it’s an online system where students post ads to sell their books to other students. It ends up being much cheaper than buying them full price at the book store!

      Let us know if you have any more questions, and welcome again. 🙂

  2. Hi I’m currently enrolled in the social sciences program at UofT and there are a lot of textbooks that I am in need of. Unfortunately the bookstore is way to expensive so I’m wondering if I can buy some of them off of here! I am still not one hundred percent sure on what textbooks I need but if someone can email me back soon I will let you know which ones I need. My courses for this semester are ANT100Y1 (Intro to Anthropology) SOC101Y1 (Intro to Sociology) and two seminars; SII199H1F, TBB199H1F

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