Vivian (2012-2013)

Vivian Vivian, our Health & Wellness blogger, is in her fourth and (hopefully) final year of university.  Coincidentally, it was also a four-year journey to discover the importance of getting involved in campus life.  While she was slow to start, a small ‘Aha!’ moment in the summer of her second year sparked a crazy idea: to actually take matters into her own hands and make her time at university an unforgettable one.  She hasn’t regretted a single minute of her journey since then and now seeks to share her own story – the good and bad of it all – with her fellow students in the hopes that it’ll start a spark in someone, somewhere to begin (or continue) their own journey at this extraordinary university. Here’s to all those small but powerful ‘Aha!’ moments that litter our lives and influence all our stories in some way or another

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