sargam   Hey UofT! I'm Sargam and I'm one of the Community Crew Bloggers for the 2016/2017 school year. You can also find me at the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office as the Events and Programs Assistant for summer 2016. I finished four years at UofT, each one has been better than the next! I study psychology, neuroscience and biology, with a strong passion for mental health, community engagement and health promotion. Previously, I have worked as a peer mentor for New College FLC and a health educator for HealthyU Crew. I also did a summer abroad in Oxford, England and worked for an applied psychology lab as an ROP student! I love cooking (and eating), reading and binge-watching Netflix until the sun comes up! Here is a picture of me in England being as tourist-y as England can handle. You can read her posts here.