She:koli! My name is Diane Hill and I am from the Oneida Nation of the Thames. My First Nations community is located in southwestern Ontario and growing up there gave me connection to my culture as well understandings of the complex barriers Indigenous students and peoples face in Canada. I entered her first year of university in September of 2012. Currently I am in my last year of studies as a double major in Health Policy and Socio-cultural Anthropology at University of Toronto Scarborough. I am passionate about social justice and advocacy and any sort of community engagement to build empowerment amongst Indigenous youth and peoples. In my spare time I enjoy exploring urban Indigenous space in the city such as exhibitions and art galleries, being with friends/community, and creative writing. This year I am blogging out of First Nations House and am happy to share my experiences being an Indigenous student at the university, and any sort of events or engagements within the community.