Hi everyone! I'm Piya (she/they) and I'm in my fourth year of my undergraduate degree in (ECE) Engineering, also doing a minor in Engineering business.

I love creating content online, and I worked as a Social Media Manager and Content Creator for startups in the past, before joining the Digital Storyteller role.

Out of sheer passion, I now post Reels on my Instagram catering to education, motivation, food (I have a review page), fashion, and other lifestyle-related. I love sharing stories about my personal experiences, especially catering to mental-health, so that people know they're not alone.

This led me to work on my own startup at UofT's Hatchery startup incubator program last summer, heavily researching on building an inclusive mental-health app.

I am thrilled to share the different stories I have as a student, and to create dynamic and inclusive content for UofT's community!