Photo of Shaq My name's Shaq and I'm a twenty-one year old student based in Toronto, Canada. I am currently earning my Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in English and Cinema Studies with a Minor in History at the University of Toronto. I currently serve on the masthead at The Varsity, Canada's second oldest student newspaper, where I work as Video Editor. In addition, I am the President of the Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU), an organization that hosts public film screenings, filmmaking competitions, and publishes an annual academic journal. In the past, I was a Technical Consultant for Raindance On Campus, a filmmaking club with an aim to bring writers, directors, and producers together. Now in my fourth year, I also hold a position of videographer for University of Toronto's Student Life community crew subdivision to create videos. Hobbies of mine include reading graphic novels, eating cheeseburgers, and watching James Franco’s movies.