Sarah (2012-2013)

Sarah Sarah is always busy. If she’s not planning an event, she’s in class, attending her professor’s office hours, or chairing a meeting. One look and you’ll see that she has found her calling. It wasn’t always like that, though. When she first stepped into U of T, she was worried about not fitting in. Was she smart enough? Was she sophisticated enough? Turns out that being smart and sophisticated aren’t prerequisites for getting involved – getting excited is. Every morning, she reminds herself: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” Every day, she does just that.

2 comments on “Sarah (2012-2013)

  1. Thank you for your emails. You and your Student Life blog team make this huge school feel like much more of an intimate community and environment. Your facebook updates always brighten my day especially through some tough times recently!

  2. hey sarah!! wow i jst read ur bogs,
    and yes i did like it!!
    ok i want to join U of T this winter and
    i think ur advives..please e-mail me or write to me on facebook,
    i’m called ”erina colombe” on facebook..thanx alot

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