IMG_7327   Api is the team captain of the 2015-2016 Community Crew. You might remember her as a community builder/blogger from last year. She's a 4th year student doing a Health Studies Specialist. She splits her time between being the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine, the Secretary General of the Ontario Model World Health Organization and a full time Drake fan (sometimes she also finds time to do class work). When she's not trying to learn and be involved in all things global health, she's an avid representative of "the 6ix" and has a strong belief that all life situations can be complemented by lyrics from Drake songs. From a struggling first year without any motivation, to a fourth year in the perfect program and extracurriculars for her interests - she truly connects with #StartedFromTheBottom on a spiritual level. The furthest thing from perfect, but she's still "swangin.'" You can read her posts here.

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