Trademark Licensing Research Project: A Call for Participants!

By Rachel Davis, Design Research Team Lead (Trademark Licensing) 

Photo of Rachel

Do you feel a sense of pride as a student here at the University of Toronto? Why or why not? What do you value as student here? What has been most challenging? Student researchers at the Innovation Hub are working with University of Toronto Trademark Licensing Office to connect with you about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences at UofT.

Previous research with students has revealed themes such as prestige, survival, support, and fragmentation as elemental to student experience. How are these themes felt and experienced by students? How do they connect to a sense of pride here at the University of Toronto?

By conducting a series of in-depth interviews, the Innovation Hub is looking to expand this research in order to better understand the diversity of experiences here at UofT and develop a more robust understanding of these insights. This research will eventually be drawn upon by Trademark and Licensing in their efforts to develop a brand story that speaks, as authentically as possible, to the UofT student experience. If you are interested in taking part in this project, and in having a chance to talk about your experiences, feelings, and thoughts, please get in touch by emailing

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