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Stories from a Distance

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A virtual community for students, by students.

Summer 2020: join us mondays-fridays over zoom

Check out this week’s scheduled programming on our latest blog post.

Stories from a Distance: Being Together While Apart is a virtual space that encourages students and community members to find community through conversation. Members can expect to be welcomed into a virtual space (over Zoom sessions) created by and for students looking to invest in meaningful connections within their campus community over the Summer and beyond.

Stories from a Distance will be continuing in the Fall & Winter term!

Logo with a spotlight and colourful speech bubble.As we prepare our Fall & Winter programming, August will hold a range of our drop-in style sessions along with our first-ever Stories Through Research: Learning from UofT Researchers on how Students are Impacted by COVID-19 . This series will highlight three UofT research projects helping us understand student experiences and challenges in these unprecedented times. Visit our blog posts to learn more and come to our zoom sessions to meet the researchers! There will also be opportunities to contribute to these important areas of research! Projects include:

  • Spotlight #1: Going Viral: Impact of COVID-19 on Canadians
  • Spotlight #2: Our Languages, Our Lives, & the Global Pandemic
  • Spotlight #3: COVID-19: Considering Impacts on the Mental Health and Vulnerability of Sexual and Gender Minorities Living in Toronto

Session Info, Access & Upcoming Events: