Recruitment: Multi-Faith Centre Research Project

By Joey Youssef (Team Lead) & the Multi-Faith Centre Research Team

Photo of Joey

Do you value faith, spirituality, and making meaning in your everyday life?

The Innovation Hub is recruiting volunteers to aid in a project aimed at exploring these topics, and how students can be better supported in their religious, spiritual, or self-reflective practices. The Multi-Faith Centre (MFC) and the Innovation Hub at U of T will be working together this 2018-2019 academic year to explore how students currently make use of the MFC’s existing facilities and services, and how the MFC can cater to the needs of U of T’s diverse student body — including those who do not necessarily prescribe to a particular religious group or faith. Student volunteers will have the chance to learn about qualitative research methods and contribute to developing pivotal insights into the student experience of faith on campus. Volunteers will receive $10 on their Tcard for participating! Interested students should email as soon as possible to participate.

Check out the Meet The Team blog post for more information about the Multi-Faith Centre project’s research questions.

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