Meet the Team—Summer 2019

Charis Lam

How can we make Convocation more accessible? What makes a classroom great? What support do student parents need? How can staff and students work together to create effective programs?

These are some of the questions driving this summer’s Innovation Hub team. We’ll answer them by listening to the stories of students and staff, shining a searchlight on how they interact with the university—in lecture, at Convocation, at work—and how the university can reach out in response.

As students and staff ourselves, some of this work will touch on our own experiences, or the experiences of those we know. That’s why we’re proud to have a team with eclectic backgrounds: the more diversity we have, the more points-of-view and knowledge we can draw upon. We have undergraduate and graduate students in fields from philosophy to pharmacology, hailing from Vancouver, Trinidad, and Hong Kong, among other places. Some of us are returning Innovation Hub members, others come from the Design Thinking Experience Program, and still more are entirely new to the team, but we’re all excited to start a summer of interviewing, designing, and needs-finding.

Outside of school and work, we can celebrate our diversity in hobbies as well: you’ll find our team members rock climbing, sewing, and cat meme–browsing. Ask us anything, and we’re sure someone can respond.

Get to know the team here.

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