Recruitment: Share Your UofT Housing Experiences

Picture of DanielleBy Danielle Lum, Project Assistant

Have you ever considered applying to on-campus residence at U of T? Have you ever gone through with the process?

In partnership with Housing Services, the Innovation Hub will be facilitating a research event with the goal of understanding students’ perceptions, needs, and experiences of applying to residence at U of T. Whether you have lived in residence or not, we want to hear your stories!

How to Better Support UofT Students: The Future of SLP Event!

By Suzie Kim, Communications Team

Photo of Suzie

On October 11th, 2018, the Innovation Hub partnered with the SLP network to host a research event entitled SLP Presents: The Future of SLP SLP is a network of staff who  work directly with students across at the University of Toronto’s three campuses.  The partnership between SLP and the Innovation Hub commenced last year to explore two questions: What should the future of the SLP Network look like? and how should this community of practice be redesigned to better serve the needs and wants of all its members?  After conducting a number of empathy interviews with staff in a variety of positions and career stages, insights were generated.  These insights reveled that supporting staff to develop institutional knowledge, mentorship and networking, senior management involvement and career development support are areas where there are opportunities for SLP to provide support.  This event sought to gather additional data to inform next steps of the process.

Trademark Licensing Research Project: A Call for Participants!

By Rachel Davis, Design Research Team Lead (Trademark Licensing) 

Photo of Rachel

Do you feel a sense of pride as a student here at the University of Toronto? Why or why not? What do you value as student here? What has been most challenging? Student researchers at the Innovation Hub are working with University of Toronto Trademark Licensing Office to connect with you about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences at UofT.