We’re Hiring Our Design Research Team Leads and Qualitative Data Archivist Team Lead 2024-25

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Are you interested in design thinking, qualitative research, leadership, and project management? Are you wishing to create change and improve the campus student experience at U of T? The Innovation Hub is hiring Team Leads to support the growth and development of many campus initiatives and you can play an integral role in them! We are seeking innovative, insightful, determined leaders to join our wonderful team!

Leading a team at the Innovation Hub is also a big commitment – but with it comes a great reward. Our past team leads have gone on to have successful careers in a variety of industries. We encourage our space of learning, and we really want you to feel comfortable in a space of failure and iteration. Our work is fast paced and involves managing tight and often competing deadlines and coordinating with various stakeholders and partners. This is an incredible opportunity for you to advance your skillsets, learn through design thinking, and discover something new!

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How to Apply

Below, you will find descriptions for the Design Research Team Lead and Qualitative Data Archivist Team Lead. To learn more about the positions, more detailed job descriptions, and how to apply, please visit the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network, Log into CLNx (under ‘Students & Recent Grads), and search for the On-Campus job board. Applications close on Sunday, March 17th, 2024.

Design Research Team Lead

The Design Research Team Lead takes full leadership over one of the Innovation Hub’s design thinking research projects. All design research projects at the Innovation Hub have a goal to improve campus life, particularly for students. The Design Research Team Lead supervises a team of design researchers in all aspects of the project, including data collection, data analysis, report writing, and presentations, using empathy at every stage of the project. The Design Research Team Lead executes the design research project plan and coaches the team toward completion.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access at the School of the Environment – CLNx Job ID: 234959

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The School of the Environment at U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science seeks to understand how equity, diversity, inclusion, and access (EDIA) is embedded in the curriculum, programming, communications, hiring, events, meetings, building, design, and culture. The project aims to gain a meaningful understanding of student perspectives and tangible ideas of steps to take to better champion EDIA so that student experiences are enhanced, addressing barriers to EDIA from a student point of view – including undergraduate students; students in the collaborative specialization program; graduate students; domestic and international students; commuter students; and students from equity-deserving populations.  The findings of the project will inform the School of the Environment to make design decisions that will enable the school to become a leader in EDIA at U of T and beyond. 

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Front Line Patient Care at Health & Wellness – CLNx Job ID: 234961

Health & Wellness (H&W) at U of T seeks to improve student experiences with the front-line reception team. Whether a first encounter as a new patient, or repeat encounter as a returning patient, the team at H&W seeks to create consistent client experiences across all channels to ensure a cohesive brand experience. The project aims to look at all possible interaction points with the front-line reception team across various communication formats at various points in time. The findings of the project will inform programming and service delivery and create opportunities for omnichannel marketing in the future. 

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Engagement & Belonging: Students with Disabilities – CLNx Job ID: 234980

Accessibility Services at U of T seeks to gain an understanding about factors that enable students with disabilities to fully engage in campus life and identify where gaps exist. The project aims to understand students’ needs to identify tangible ideas and champion access and inclusion for students with disabilities. The findings of the project will inform Accessibility Services programming and services and broader U of T community to support the better design of all aspects of campus life for students with disabilities.

Qualitative Data Archivist Team Lead – CLNx Job ID: 234962

The Qualitative Data Archivist Team Lead oversees the Innovation Hub’s archive of data, and coordinates data analysis support for design research teams. The Qualitative Data Archivist Team Lead leads a small team of Qualitative Data Archivists that will support team members with learning how to clean data, code data, and undergo data analysis.

Contract Details

  • Contract Length: April 2024 – March 2025
  • Hours: 20 hours/week 
  • Hourly Wage: $20 

Learn more about the Innovation Hub

Our teams come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and we bring together students, staff, faculty, and partners together to co-create change and impact the U of T student experience. We highly encourage you to read through our website to see our past and current projects and learn how you can join our work. 

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