Student Life Redesign: Gathering Student Perspectives about Campus Life

Students at UofT

By Sujaya Devi, Design Research Team Lead (Student Life), and Cynthia Zheng, Writer

Each student’s journey through the university is unique. Yet most students spend a significant amount of time on campus—going to classes, studying at the library, hanging out with friends—and the services, resources, and student services at the university play a crucial role in their experiences. Among other services, the Division of Student Life handles Health and Wellness, the Centre for International Experience, the Career Centre, Academic Success, and Housing, and thus it provides a space for students to get support and strengthen skills, including mentorship, leadership, and time management.

To better understand its diverse student population—both their common needs and their unique stories—the Division is collaborating with the Innovation Hub to gather student perspectives, feedback, and ideas that will guide the Division’s strategic planning process. Ultimately, we want to redesign campus programs and services to enhance student experiences and foster a stronger, more equitable community.

We’ll be hosting a series of student-led, interactive feedback events, which will use empathy and design-based activities to collect student insights. Our team wants to foster connections with students to uncover their diverse perspectives, to broaden our own perspectives on how and why students access campus services and resources, and ultimately to alleviate barriers to access.

We believe there’s value in every student’s voice. We invite students from all areas of the university—including undergraduate, graduate, full-time, and part-time students from all disciplines—to participate in our empathy-based design events and share your stories, ideas, and perspectives. If you are unable to attend an event and would still like to share your insights, we can set up a brief one-on-one interview to hear from you too!

Please see below for event details and registration. To set up an interview, email Sujaya Devi at

Event Details:

We value your input in this process and students who attend will be given refreshments and a $10 Second Cup gift card at the end of each event as a thank you for your participation. Registration is recommended but not required. Please select one of the three events.  For event accommodation requests, please email Sujaya Devi at  

  1. Wednesday, November 13th, 5:30–7 p.m.
    Koffler Student Services Centre, Student Success Centre, Seminar Room
    Register here
  1. Friday, November 15th, 2:30–4 p.m.
    Koffler House, Multi-Faith Centre Main Activity Hall
    Register here
  1. Wednesday, November 20th, 6:30–8 p.m.
    Koffler Student Services Centre, Student Success Centre, Seminar Room
    Register here

We hope that you can join us at one of our events!

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